Friday, September 5, 2008

Visitors in Minglanilla Cebu said

Six Days in Cebu

This is a story of my travel from Japan to Cebu to stay in a family-run resort villa. I went there last year with my coworker and this year I convinced an additional coworker to accompany me on my return trip.

“Why Cebu again ?” The decision was made because I would like to experience again, the tropical scenery, food, etc. surrounded by friendly hosts. Once is not enough to know well the attractions of Cebu.

Thursday, June 01. 2000
Alighting the airplane packed with Japanese tourists, we were met by our hostess, Anita, who came with her two daughters, a son-in-law, and her driver, to the Mactan Airport to pick us. She is the wife of the villa owner, Juan Abuan who lives in Minglanilla. We were grateful that they welcomed us as family rather than just customers. It was the start of a wonderful trip which gave us the rare chance to meet and mingle with foreigners. Our Filipino “family” accompanied us throughout our travels in Cebu.

At the start of a one hour drive to the villa, we stopped into a local restaurant for a buffet supper. I enjoyed the food as well as the San Miguel beer which quenched my thirst brought on by the tropical climate. The restaurant was crowded with locals who looked at the three of us, no doubt wondering where we came from.


I agree Minglanilla is nice for expat

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